Scrivener 3: New Features And Details You Need To Know

3 min readJun 23, 2021


Scrivener is one of the really popular writing software. Scrivener 3 is a very long-awaited update. However, The latest Scrivener 3 version is out now. Most windows users can upgrade from version 1 to 3 for free. This update has drafting tools like a binder, metadata tagging, and other features. Scrivener 3 also has some added features that include a full style system, headers, color themes, and a lot more. Some of the features are listed below.

Speak Feature

This option lets Scrivener read your story loudly for you. Many people like to hear their stories after editing. It helps you to discover different mistakes. You can select the text on the screen and select the speech option. This will allow Scrivener to read your story. You can hear the story clearly.


This feature is great. It provides you the ability to go back to your marked section. It is a great way to jump around between different chapters. You can drag and drop different sections on the bookmark tab.


The Scrivener 3 also has a dark mode. You can change the theme in the window section. You will get a theme option from the list. You can also import different themes or modes. If you want to apply these settings, you just need to restart Scrivener.

Revision Mode

This feature is under the Format section. You can write on your screen with this feature. This feature provides you two revision modes. The feature text is in red color in the first revision mode. The second revision mode feature texts are blue. This way, you can get a clear view of your revisions. You can remove all these revisions with a single click.

Linguistic Focus

This feature is the most favorite feature in Scrivener. You can access it in the Edit section. It is under the writing tool. You can focus on a certain part of your story.

Writing History

You can check how many words you wrote today or yesterday. You can do so by going into the Project menu and select the writing history option. This option will provide you a word count for every single day. You can also see the average word count for months and years.

Search Menu

This is a feature to remember all the features. If you do not know about any specific feature location, You can go to the help section and go to the search menu. You can search for any feature available on the Scrivener. This feature is a lot more helpful for new users. This will save a lot of your time.

There is also a hidden search bar feature. You can search for any word in your story. It is like a find feature on your laptop or computer.

Threaded Cork Board

Scrivener is offering corkboard for a very long time. This update has some additional functionality. The thread option organizes your corkboard in a timeline. You can color-code all boards. This feature will help you in different character stories.

Split Screen

Scrivener always supported the split-screen feature. You can scroll and edit on split-screen. You can choose between vertical and horizontal split-screen. When you go on binders and select any chapter and drag it on the header, you will get a third small split screen. You can also resize it according to your comfort.


The latest major update in Scrivener is Scrivener 3. Scrivener 3 is paid for the new users. It will cost about $45. Current users can get it for $25. Some users will also get it for free. You will have to check their official website for more details and prices.





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