Improve Siri’s Hearing Potential in iPhone and Make it Work While the Screen is Covered

3 min readApr 12, 2021


Undoubtedly, Siri is the most entertaining and helpful voice assistant, Made by Apple. People that are using Mac, iPhone and iPad, can use Siri to perform several tasks, easily in no time. Before saying anything to Siri, you’ll have to make it hear your command. In the older iPhone devices, users had to press and hold the Home Button to make Siri hear commands. But things are pretty simple in new iPhone devices.

People that are using new iPhone devices might have experienced that now Siri is quicker. If you’re also using a new iPhone, just say, Hey Siri to make Siri hear your commands. You can say, Hey Siri, even if your iPhone is in your pocket and not in front of your face. Before using this new useful feature, you must have to enable it, and here’s how you can enable it.

How to Make Siri Hear Your Commands Quickly

In new iPhone models, the Siri always stays active, but if anyone is using an old iPhone device, they should update to iOS 13.4 or above to use this feature.

  • Launch Settings.
  • Slide down and move into Accessibility.
  • Slide to the bottom and press the Siri option.
  • Now turn on the Always Listen for “Hey Siri.”

Now once you activate this feature, Siri will always be ready to hear your Hey Siri commands and can ask it anything or make it perform a certain task. Now if your iPhone is in your pocket or not in your hands, you can still access Siri to perform several tasks.

To make Siri more accurate, you can improve its voice recognition process in Siri Settings. There you’ll have to speak some certain Siri Commands to make understand your voice clearly. Siri responses depend a lot on your voice, some make sure you configure your voice correctly in Siri Settings.

Siri understands numerous commands, and if your iPhone is running on iOS 13.4 or above, then say it Get back to Home Screen command, and it minimizes whatever is happening. Similarly, you can speak out any command you like, Siri will perform it, however, if Siri doesn’t understand the command or doesn’t know the answer, it will speak it as well. Furthermore, if you don’t prefer to speak out the voice command, you can type it. It’s an additional feature in Accessibility settings that allows you to type whatever you want to ask.


Siri can perform tasks like Create an alarm, Set a reminder, call a contact, and get back to Home Screen, any query and many more things. Apple is working on the Siri voice assistant to make it more accurate and powerful to perform more unique tasks that aren’t possible yet.

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