Effective Methods to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code U163

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Canon printer has established its renowned quality products across the globe. Not only does its name acquire goodwill on a global level, but it also provides a great printing experience. With high-end features included in its products, facing error codes is a possibility that you have to deal with. The error codes are a possibility that comes with all machines. After being used for a while, it is normal to struggle with some of the error codes, as they are generated due to internal or external issues.

And sometimes, the issues may represent software or hardware problems. In either of the cases, you will need an effective solution to resolve the error codes. Some of the common error codes emerging in your printer can be handled all by yourself. But of course, you will need proper guidance, and here we have come to the rescue. Read the solutions mentioned below, along with the causes behind the error code, carefully. You need to clear the facts on which part is exactly suffering from the damage or issue and then apply the solution to the error code.

What does error code U163 in Canon Printer represent, and why does it occur?

You must have discovered this error code on the LCD panel. It usually happens when your printer detects an issue with your ink tanks. The error code simply suggests that your printer has run out of ink, which can be either from the first cartridge or the second one inside the printer. While printing a document, when you discover that the paper has exited without anything printed on it, it is probably because your ink cartridge is empty.

However, usually, this error code does not appear until you have removed or replaced the black or the color cartridge from the cartridge carrier. And the error code U163 will still appear even if you have refilled the ink tanks with manufactured inks and reinstalled them back into the printer.

It happens due to the ink cartridges you placed inside the printer were already out of the ink, and your printer was able to detect it. Generally, there are various causes, which lead to particular error codes. So it requires different solutions to make the error code disappear from the printer. Before you head to the solutions given below, you should check the reasons mentioned in the above lines. It will help you gather information on issues in generating in your printer.

Solutions: How to resolve the error code U163 with simple and effective methods?

Due to the error code, your printing jobs will show results with white and blank paper and will interrupt your working schedule. To ease the situation, you might think of hiring an expert or professional technician from a prestigious company. This can cost you a heavy payment, which you probably don’t want to. So, to avoid the heavy loss of money and to remove the error code from your printer. You can try to attempt a few of the methods by yourself. Here we have brought solutions in the easiest way possible, which you will be able to understand and apply. So, let’s not waste our time and get right to the solution. Follow the steps according to the suggestion mentioned below.

  • While your printer is on, you need to reinstall the refilled ink cartridges into the printer. Then you will need to cover the top hat combined along with the scanning unit cover.
  • ● Then let your printer rest for some time and wait until the error code displays on the LCD screen display. And in case you did not discover any kind of error code, you can test the printer. It means you can try to print a document as a test to check if the error code displays while printing. If still, the error code has not appeared, then well and good. You are good to go and print as many as the document you want.
  • But in case you have discovered the same error code again, then you should press and hold the reset/ stop button given on the printer. Always remember to not release the reset/ stop button until the printer restarts itself automatically.
  • Now your printer will start itself successfully, and you can release the button immediately. Hence, your error code U163 problem has been resolved effectively.

The steps mentioned above are effective and will remove the error code immediately. But in case your error code persists, you need to contact Canon technical support. They deal with different models on a regular basis, so they can provide technicians to help you.

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