Android 12: Google’s Big Step of Turning Phone into TV Remote

4 min readJun 4, 2021


With Android 12 public beta, Google is offering a feature to connect with Android TV.

Google has disclosed many announcements at Google I/O on Monday, which included a huge transformation of design in Android 12. The operating system has been developed for approximately 72% of the world’s population of phone users. You can take this, for instance, the major change includes notification with a new look, newly introduced privacy features, and an integrated part of Google’s Chrome OS platform.

As part of the deal, Google is providing more control to Android users over devices along with its Android TV ecosystem. To clarify it more, Android users will soon get a feature of an in-built TV remote app, which will make it possible to run your TV via using your phone, and there will not be any need to use Android 12. There are more than 80 million Android TV OS devices. It is only fair for Google to provide a better experience with useful and valuable features. In case you lose your TV remote next time, you would not have to worry, as you can utilize the newly introduced remote app and keep enjoying your favorite movies, TV shows, or whatever worth you want.

What is the procedure for acquiring the new Android TV remote feature?

Now, here lies the biggest question, as Android users will be getting a feature of Android TV remote within their phone, how to utilize it, and where do you get it? Well, as an answer, you should know that there is still time for the launch of the feature.

Google has announced that it will be launching Android TV remote features for devices that are running the Android 11 operating system and up. Given the announcement, the Android TV remote feature will be running in Android 12 as well, which is only available as the public beta. However, Google has halted the release of the Android TV remote feature and will probably not getting debuted any sooner this year.

It does not matter if the Android TV remote feature will be getting launched this year or will take some time before finally releasing it for users, as the feature will be beneficial to have control over devices. The more access users will have over devices, and it will be a lot easier to handle things on a smaller level. We have seen so many fights over remote, and sometimes it gets lost in the sheets that it does not want to be found ever. It may seem funny, but it can get annoying and is a wastage of time. With the feature of a TV remote intact in the phone, it will be easier to access quickly and get started to stream your TV shows or movies.

What will be the procedure for my phone to work as a TV remote?

According to the announcement, it looks like that the feature of the Android TV remote has a similar appearance to the Apple TV remote app given on the iPad and iPhone. The interface given on the top has a blank space, which is utilized as the gesture pad and gives you the benefit of scrolling as well as taping across your Android TV features and guides. You will have access to move around the apps, select what you want to watch, and find your way back to the home screen with the controls given on-screen. The feature is also designed with buttons to control power and volume in the app. The best part you will find is, you can use your phone to search TV shows’ names or input the passwords, which seems to be more fun than moving your way around Android TV. It is as cool as it sounds and will save your time as well.

Which Android phone can be used as a compatible device for Android TV?

To establish the compatibility between the TV remote and your phone, users will need to have specific hardware, but if you have newer models of Android phone or you acquire an Android TV OS device, you are good to go. Let’s take a look at the information available so far, such as:

  • Devices with the Android 11 operating system and above will have an in-built app after it is released.
  • It is most likely that all Android OS devices will be given a remote tool.

This is all you need to do. Get a phone with a TV remote app and the TV with Android TV OS, and set it up to get started. There is one thing worth noting that your Android TV OS device will need to install a system service called ‘atvremoteservice.’ Hopefully, the feature will be available in the older versions of Android TV later than the launch, and we have to wait until further information gets released regarding the feature.

META- Google announced to launch the Android TV remote app for Android 11 and above. The Android TV remote has a similarity with the Apple TV remote.

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